The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity is a social fraternity with a rich Jewish heritage and non-sectarian tradition. Intellectual Awareness, Social Responsibility, Integrity, and Brotherly Love are the guiding principles of our order. By providing an atmosphere conducive to the expansion of our brother's academic, social, and athletic interests, we are enriching our lives forever. Becoming a ZBT gives you the opportunity to positively influence your undergraduate experience by bettering yourself, your campus, and the greater community.

The history of Zeta Beta Tau at GW is both colorful, and somewhat confusing. Over the years, ZBT has had three distinct starts that involved connections to other local and national fraternities. 1969 is listed as the original date for Zeta Beta Tau at GW, as that is the first time that the chapter had operated under that name.

In 1914, the only national fraternity to be established at The George Washington University, Phi Alpha, was founded. Phi Alpha was a presence on campus until 1959 when it merged with the national fraternity Phi Sigma Delta. On June 4, 1930, the Alpha Mu chapter of Phi Epsilon Pi was chartered at GW. In 1969, Phi Sigma Delta merged with Zeta Beta Tau, taking the ZBT name. The Phi Sigma Delta chapter became an Alpha Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau. ZBT has several "Alpha" chapter to recognize it history with a number of mergers. The Alpha Chapter remained active until 1993.

With these two unique charterings, the national office lists the origin of Zeta Beta Tau at The George Washington University as both the Alpha Chapter on October 14, 1914 (Phi Alpha's founding), and the Alpha Mu Chapter on January 1, 1930 (although the founding date for the Alpha Mu Chapter of Phi Epsilon Pi is June 4, 1930).

In 2001, Zeta Beta Tau had a very short, yet highly eventful, tenure as a chapter at The George Washington University. In the Fall of 2007, GW students contacted Zeta Beta Tau inquiring about re-colonizing the fraternity at GW. These students became the founding fathers of the Phi Alpha Alpha chapter, and started what would become by 2012 one of the strongest fraternities on the campus of The George Washington University.

The chapter name "Phi Alpha Alpha" is commemorative of the Alpha Chapter of Phi Alpha. The chapter takes pride in giving our brothers a voice in the direction of the organization as it moves towards becoming a cornerstone of the Foggy Bottom campus and community.

Already, only 5 years after the founding of the chapter, Phi Alpha Alpha has won numerous awards from both the University and the national headquarters of ZBT. The biggest honor the chapter received was being named the winner of the 2012 Brummer Cup, which recognizes the best ZBT Chapter in the world. 

Our motto is "A Powerhouse of Excellence", and we demonstrate our motto each semester by partaking in a wide variety of activities from weekly brotherhood events to intramural sports to various social events to Get on the Ball, our signature philanthropy event that raised over $11,000 in 2012 for The Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC. The establishment of the Phi Alpha Alpa Chapter Scholarship Fund will ensure that all men of good character are able to be a part of the GW ZBT "Powerhouse of Excellence".

We invite you to join our long national history and build our future at GW. Please contact the Recruitment Manager if you have interest in joining our rank or general questions about our mission

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